Over the last couple of years we’ve made many awesome friends through the medium of social media. I’ve said several times that social media certainly doesn’t make us less social, but even more so.

This is evident in the fact that as we begin our David and Donetta journey, several of our friends have very kindly given us use of their platform. Our pal Katy from KatyKicker.com is an incredible blogger, helping people not only save money but earn it and all from the comfort of their own home.

Katy is prolific in the money blogging world and we’ve read and acted upon many of Katy’s suggestions in our quest to earn our living from home. A massive thanks to you Katy for allowing us to tell you and your readers our plans for David and Donetta going forward.

PLEASE do head over to Katy’s post ‘FIND OUT MORE ABOUT DAVID AND DONETTA‘ to do exactly as the title suggests!

Thanks again Katy for having us, it’s a huge honour to be part of your blog.


While we’ve got you, remember we’re well on our way to 1K subscribers and when we hit that milestone we will be giving away a load of stuff! Details in the video below…




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