Welcome to the first post of our ALL NEW weekly series, David and Donetta’s Weekly Round-Up. We see, consume and engage with loads of bloggers, vloggers and content creators and wanted to showcase our favourite’s from the week.

If you’ve made it onto David and Donetta’s Weekly Round-Up, it basically means you’ve made it and it’s something you can put on your CV! We encourage you to share the news far and wide and obviously check out all the other creators featured.

What we really want from this new series, is to just give a little nod of encouragement, an acknowledgement to those in the round-up that we’ve noticed their hard work, their great content and to get creators supporting each other. The chances are, if we love this content then you might too.

So, without further ado, (Is that how you say ‘ado’ I’ve never actually written it before, only ever said it) here is David and Donetta’s Weekly Round-Up!

OK, I’m telling you now, without putting the pressure on, this first creator will go big and I want to have said it now so I can say ‘I told you so’ at a later date. It’s Mumble.Pip! A Cardiff mum of two boys that is tearing up the YouTube scene with parody videos and sketches.  Seriously Mumble is so funny and relatable I guarantee everyone that clicks THIS LINK TO HER YOUTUBE CHANNEL won’t regret it.

Here’s a taster…

Next up is our global superstar friend Sue from Stylish Advisor. Sue is from Sheffield near us in Yorkshire but now lives over the pond in Detroit, USA! We find Sue so inspirational, moving over to the US and smashing it running her own thing, it’s amazing! About her own thing, she’s as the names suggests, a fashion style advisor. Sue regularly features on Style File Fox 2 News Detroit, that’s right on TV!

There’s lots of fashion talk, style tips and Sue’s content is also genuinely interesting to watch, a Brit doing her thing in the US. Make sure you also check out the Stylish Advisor YouTube Channel.

The Stylish Advisor in action…

Lately I’ve been enjoying content from my pal Ross at Isablog. Now I’m going to direct you to his Facebook Page because that’s where I’ve been consuming most of his awesome content, from popular news discussions to baking a boobie cake. It was a while back now but yes, Ross baked a cake that was a pair of boobies and it wasn’t for pervy reasons it was actually genius!

I wanted to include Ross not only for his quality written content and his really funny videos, but also because Ross is doing a courageous job of raising awareness of how depression can effect your life. I find it admirable that Ross is able to share his experience and talk about depression, there are many men out there that will take something positive from Ross speaking out and it deserves highlighting. Well done Ross mate 🙂

And for this first instalment of David and Donetta’s Weekly Round-Up, I think we’ll leave it there. We’ve picked 3 absolute stunners that cover an array of topics in different mediums and I know you’ll find both entertainment and educational value from all 3.

Let us know what you’re watching, reading or listening to. We plan to bring you a round-up every week so tag us, shout at us or if you see us in the street poke us in the arm and let us know who or what should be in next weeks David and Donetta’s Weekly Round-up.

David and Donetta 🙂


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