We started thinking about home education 12 months before Corben was due to start nursery. Here’s what we did in those 12 months to help us make our ultimate decision.

The first discussion we had was around whether it was actually feasible, could we alter our family dynamics to even pull home educating off. Our plan has always been for one of us to try and build an income from home, with the other one ready to join in once financially possible. Home educating was something that could be moulded around this plan so we decided it was doable and moved on to the next step.

How do you even home educate?!

Obviously we all know that home educating means your child doesn’t go to school and learns from home instead, but how do you actually go about doing this. Well our first stop was of course YouTube. We started searching all the terms we could think of that involved home education. The stand out content we discovered was Sir Ken Robinson and a few of the videos on there of his, in particular his TED Talk. It’s crazy to think Sir Ken had the same thoughts we were having over a decade ago and nothing has changed! We learned a lot.

Next we had a look around our friends to see if anyone we knew or had known at some point was home educating. A friend of Donetta’s had done it and kindly pointed us in the direction of Facebook groups. Facebook groups then became our best friends in the quest to research everything home education.

Seriously, there’s a completely different world right on our doorstep that we’d have never known about otherwise and we’re so glad we’ve discovered this. It turns out in Yorkshire where we live, the home educating community is at large, there’s LOADS of families doing it and there’s a wealth of knowledge available. The groups are obviously private and well ran in terms of who’s allowed in for safety reasons. We explained we were seriously looking into home educating Corben and were after knowledge, experience and general guidance, we found people more than happy to help and answer our questions.

David and Donetta

On the other side, we’re not entirely against the idea of school and the education system. We have two teenage daughters that are both in school and are having very different experiences of it which gives us vast insight into that world also.

We knew a couple of teachers and spoke with them directly to get their take on education in today’s world, the good and the bad. We had many conversations with people we’d communicated with online via blogging etc that were involved with education at all different levels, not only from a teachers perspective.

Research, research, research. We knew that this decision would have a huge impact on the rest of Corben’s life so we had to be sure.

After talking through how it would work from our daily routine perspective, finding out what materials and resources were available locally and online, speaking with people on either side of the fence, we still left it until the night before Corben’s first day at nursery!

That’s right. We’d attended an opening day kind of thing at nursery, we had almost prepared ourselves for the new chapter of our family’s journey but right at the last minute the realisation of time being up gave us the final push to make our ultimate decision and we’ve never looked back.

A few people seem to think we made a snap decision as we can be known for being a little hasty on occasion and diving into things head first, it’s just who we are. What they didn’t know was that we’d put more thought, time and effort into this decision than any other decision we’ve ever made.

To put this into perspective, we walked into the registry office one day and brought forward our wedding date from 7 months away to 4 weeks away. See how that turned out HERE! We literally planned and executed our wedding in 4 weeks, we spent 12 months researching home education, it definitely wasn’t a snap decision.

So this is how we discovered, researched and ultimately made our decision to home educate. We hope it can help anyone thinking about home educating and give you a little insight into possible ways to go about researching and making your decision.

Do you home educate or are you thinking about it? We’re happy to help however we can and answer any questions you might have…

Thanks for reading,

David and Donetta 🙂



david and donetta



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