We’re aware that many of you might not yet know we actually home educate our youngest, Corben 5. You might have been following us across social media for a while and still not know!

We don’t talk about it loads online really, on social media or in our videos. We don’t hide it but I notice we don’t have a lot of content around it across our platforms online. I’d like to remedy this by talking a little more about it and sharing more of what we do in a bid to open more eyes and minds to what home education is really like.

Over on David’s dad blog we have a deal with Twinkl that provide us with a Platinum Member’s account to their website. They have loads of materials and ideas that are used by many home educators as well as mainstream teachers and schools. David has written about Twinkl in more depth in his post Twinkl | Review.

We have put a few blogs and videos out relating to our reasons why we home educate etc and here a video from almost 18 months ago…



This was early into our home ed days but all of it is still relevant today. We’re in a unique position with our knowledge on education as we do have 2 girls that are in school. They’ve gone through primary with two very different experiences and are now travelling along two very different paths in secondary school. So we’ve experienced a fair bit within education and couldn’t be happier with our decision to home educate Corben.

On this website we will be sharing more on the home ed topic and we’re always open to questions about it, so don’t hesitate to fire us your questions.

As we build up our content on this website we’ll inevitably refer back to content already created by David on DadvWorld.com and here’s another one related to this topic, A Last Minute Decision?




For more videos come and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and for more day to day behind the scenes stuff we’re on Instagram @davidanddonetta 🙂

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