David and Donetta

We’re David and Donetta, a married blogging and vlogging duo based in Doncaster, UK.

We create content around Parenting, Lifestyle and our home town Doncaster. As well as the blog, we can be found on our YouTube channel, Instagram and Podcast! 

David and Donetta
David - That David



I do some filming, editing, blogging and talking. That’s about it. 

Donetta - Uk Vlogger



I tell David what to film, edit, blog and talk about. That’s about it.

David and Donetta

More about us...

Hi, we’re David and Donetta a married couple from Yorkshire, UK. We are all about real life and we want to document ours to re-live in years to come and along the way if we can share to inspire, motivate or just plain entertain you, that’s a huge bonus!

We love to create blogs, videos and have recently entered the world of podcasting, with That David Podcast.

You’ll find us here on the Blog, over on our YouTube Channel, chatting on the Podcast and smashing in Instagram @thatdavid_ & @donettalouise_ on the daily with LIVES, Stories and Videos.

If you’re a brand/business and would like to work together then that’s ace, find out more about that HERE > Work With Us

David and Donetta

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