I’ve been blogging for just over two and a half years now and I’ve sent myself around the bend with all the THINKING!

Ayup, it’s me David. I figured as this blog is David and Donetta it’s probably useful to let you know who’s talking. Anyway, blogging and thinking…

When you decide to start a blog you generally have a clear direction. You want to start sharing recipes or talking about your pregnancy or writing about all the latest fashion. Then you start to think about writing about all three, four, five things as they’re all of interest to you. Then someone who has several thousand Instagram followers tells you to really niche down to find your audience. Another person who blogs full time says something different and before you know it you’re lost and haven’t even started your blog yet!

You’re not alone, I do this and I’m still doing this on almost a weekly basis. I have an epiphany about the ultimate winning direction we need to take our blogs in on a monthly basis and they’ll always be the opposite to one I was dead set on the month before.

It’s massively frustrating.

You see, unless we create 4 different full-time blogs we’re never going to niche down so narrowly that our sole focus is on one topic. For a start we’re real people, we like multiple things. Then for us, there’s two of us and as much as we have many similar interests, we’re also massively different. To decide on one niche alone for our blog would be impossible. We’re parents, we’re bloggers, vloggers, home educators and have several different interests we could create content around. Where do we even start?!

david and donetta bloggers

I’ll tell you my biggest design flaw, over-thinking. Now some of you will know I’ve spoken many times before about how I don’t overthink things because I’m too busy just doing and I encourage people to just DO and figure the rest out along the way. However, as much as I give what I believe to be the right advice, I don’t always remember to act on it myself. I plan, scheme and talk through (Much to Donetta’s annoyance) every idea as it enters my head and they’re always massive direction shifting ideas. I get frustrated with myself!

I know that if I’m like this then there’s bound to be many of you like this, in fact I know you are because it’s a common conversation I have. People want to start but aren’t sure how. People want to create something but want to have a winning plan before they do.


Do you pick one niche and go all in on cooking recipes only? Do you write a diary style blog chronicling everything in your life? Do you create helpful content on a topic you have knowledge around?

Yes! No! I don’t know?!

My two and a half years experience in blogging and researching every corner of the world for blogging help and branding tips and everything else that comes with blogging tells me, pick a niche and go all in to build a specific target audience. It would work, definitely, you’d have a clear idea on what content to create and a specific audience to hit. Sounds easy really.

Then my brain says, ‘But David, you’ll get bored of talking about ONLY parenting after a few months’ and ‘David, but you have knowledge worth passing on and that type of content works, do that’.

Before I know it I’ve done absolutely jack shit.

You can tell how frustrated yet passionate I am about this because I’ve dropped in far too many swear words in this post. That’s a bit part of my problem, I’m possibly too passionate. I want to give my everything to all topics. I want my dad blog to host all of my parenting thoughts and experiences, I want my Blag Your Blog idea to create blog related content to help as many people as I can and I want this blog, David and Donetta to really succeed in sharing our thoughts, views and general findings of the world.

Our life is so dynamic and adaptable that pinning ourselves down to only one thing, despite that being most likely the best advice, is impossible.


Having said all of that, maybe, just maybe there is another way to succeed.

I recognise this flaw I have which means I can rectify it. I know I can overthink things resulting in, well, no results. I’ve never really liked the phrase ‘Build it and they will come’ because that doesn’t always work. But, what if I put a David and Donetta twist on that and go with ‘Build it while you figure it all out and at least shit’s getting done’.

So here’s to more doing and less thinking!

Who else wants to punch themselves in the face on a weekly basis for over-thinking and achieving nothing?

Thanks for reading,

David 🙂



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  1. September 24, 2018 / 9:56 am

    Me! I overthink everything and rather than DOing stuff I PLAN and get eff all done! I also find I get distracted far too easily.

    • September 24, 2018 / 12:53 pm

      Isn’t it annoying! I’m great at planning and scheduling etc but it takes away from actually doing. I have a plan to really minimalise my work flow and things I use in the hope I will get much more done. When we were in full swing of daily videos we were at our best, we stream lined everything so we could achieve daily videos. They’re coming back! 🙂

  2. September 25, 2018 / 7:07 pm

    Some of my best posts come when I don’t think too much and let the words flow but I find that to do that, I have to have a clear direction for that post. If i start a post and I jutst know I was to write about “Christmas” for example, it’s too broad, I over think and it’s shit.

    • September 26, 2018 / 8:20 pm

      My writing style is literally like my Insta Lives. Something pops in my head and BOOM! 10 minutes later I have an entire blog post. No idea how it happens but seems to be working. 🙂

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