So just a few weeks ago myself and David decided to go to the BlogOn event in Manchester. David had been once before, but for me it was my first time.

I have only just started this blogging malarkey and felt it would help massively with all the workshops and just meeting fellow bloggers and like minded people. If you don’t know what BlogOn is this is the link to their website BlogOn UK Conference.

Laura and her team seemed so down to earth in the Facebook group, which helped a lot because I’ve seen some blogging events on social media and it all just looks to much for show and very cliquey. I could be wrong but to me that’s how it looks and if you don’t have over 10k followers on Instagram no one wants to know you haha!

Anyway we booked our tickets, booked a hotel, got the kids and the dog sorted and off we went. We left the night before as they have a party as a kind of ice breaker for the event the following day. Basically everyone gets pissed and chats shit it was fab! It’s definitely a good idea as lots of people are going alone and don’t know anyone. There was so much free booze and soft drinks on the tables plus chocolates, what more do you need?

The DJ was great everyone was up dancing and having the best time. I’m lucky I had David with me but most don’t so I bet this party helps so much. It helped me too, to chat to people easier that we have either been chatting to online for a while and never met, or the people we have never spoken to before. We drank Kopparberg, gin, beer, had our faces painted, chatted lots of shit, ate some chocolates then went back to our hotel room. The party and the actual event is held at Hotel Football, so we stayed there which was so convenient and the Hotel is so nice, I would highly recommend it if you’re ever staying in Manchester. We went to bed hoping we wouldn’t wake up with a sore head and after a couple of paras we were good to go the following morning.

Oh I didn’t say, the event was Christmas themed! We got fab matching Xmas tees from Not For Ponies. So, we got ready all christmassy and headed down for the event with a massive suitcase each for our goody bags and other things we could win or be given throughout the day. By the way, they are not joking when they say you need a suitcase! I didn’t know what to expect from the day which always gives me a little anxiety but the party definitely helped with the nerves as I knew everyone was so nice and welcoming. We signed in and got our name badges which were so cool and got our goody bags, then dropped our suitcases off ready for the day.

First stop, bacon sandwiches and a coffee (they even fed and watered us all day too) which was needed to soak up the beer from the night before. We were then ready for the first session of the day. They have 4 time slots throughout the day with a choice of 3 different sessions per slot. So you have to plan which sessions are most suited to you and what you want from the conference.

We decided on Emily Leary’s (AMummyToo) session about Blogmin, but I really wanted to go to Sophie’s session too :/ It was brilliant, we took so much from it and can’t wait to put it into practice. It was all about organising and different apps and tools you can use, that was the short of it she went into so much more detail, she is full of knowledge. After that we went to Alex Wing‘s GoPro Session. Alex is a genius, if you haven’t seen his videos you need to check him out. I found his session so interesting, he catered for everyone from a beginner like me to the more advanced. We will definitely be using our GoPro more now.


At lunch time they catered for everyone, vegans, veggies and people with any other dietary requirements. We had our fill it was yummy then headed down to the brand den for the first time of the day. Myself and David loved it down there chatting to all the brands, handing out our new business cards that everyone seemed to like, playing with the toys, entering lots of brand competitions and just having a really good time. We were having that much fun we ended up missing the last 2 session, but I think a lot of people did the same throughout the day. There is so much to see and do we didn’t have enough time to fit it all in. They had Prosecco and mince pies in the afternoon which went down a treat. They also had Toy Awards that we all voted for and they then became the amazing raffle prizes, the winner was a Harry Potter hat.

Then for the raffle, now this is a raffle on steroids I think there were over 200 prizes of the best toys out right now worth thousands of pounds. There were more prizes than people so some lucky bloggers won several times! We didn’t win but we only bought 3 tickets, so next time we will definitely be buying lots more to be in with more of a chance. They have a BlogOn community fund and I’m sure they said over £2500 was raised for that which is just amazing. I thought I would mention Laura and the team do all of this as a non-profit event.

So that’s my account of my first BlogOn and I absolutely loved it, we are already planning the next one in May 2019 (Get Your Tickets HERE!) It was great to meet so many new people and just as great to meet up with some old friends that we hadn’t seen in a while or don’t see often. If you are new to blogging like me or been around a while but never thought about going to BlogOn I would definitely recommend it. It has given us so much more motivation for our blog, Youtube channel and social media accounts.

It is now the day after and still need to go through the goody bags, I don’t want the kids to see as there is so much in there that will be good for Christmas stocking fillers, but I think that will be another blog or video.

Thank you for reading, have you ever been to BlogOn? It’s amazing isn’t it 🙂

Donetta 🙂



david and donetta


  1. September 19, 2018 / 8:03 pm

    You guys are fab. It was so nice to meet you.
    We missed the last session due to having so much fun in the brand den too.
    I think we need a two day conference. lol.
    See you in May!

    • September 20, 2018 / 7:30 pm

      AH thanks! You too! Hopefully we will make more time to chat in May 🙂

      I’d love a two day conference!

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