This summer we’ve found a new gem of a place that happens to be MEGA for Instagram photography

Instagram for many is a place to simply snap a photo and post, sharing that moment with your Instagram family and friends. For us, it is that but also a place for us to explore photography. 

Instagram is a part of our building brand, an addition to this website and our YouTube channel. This means we do take a little more time with our content than a ‘non-blogger’ for want of a better phrase. Not only for that reason though, photography has always been a hobby of mine (David) and I love to explore and learn, Instagram being the best place to display this. 

We’ve recently found Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, a place only 15 minutes from our house and it’s stunning. The gardens are breathtaking and with the summer weather it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo. Our first tip if you’re looking to enhance your Instagram content, is to look for scenic places locally and explore what’s in your local area, you might be surprised. 

We went for a walk around Brodsworth Gardens and as we did I spoke about our Instagram content and how we create it in our video below, 

I don’t believe you need a specific Instagram theme to grow your Instagram, but it’s our personal preference to have one on our account. Because we like to post daily content though, we need to keep it simple and that’s what we do. 

As it’s summer it’s been pretty easy to take bright vibrant photo’s with lots of greens and blue’s. We’ve decided to make bright and vibrant our theme. All we do in terms of editing our photo’s is add a ‘VIVID’ filter/preset already designed by LIGHTROOM CC. We have the app LIGHTROOM CC on our phones and you can use loads of the features for free, including the presets we use. 

You can upgrade to get extra features but the free version is more than good enough. 

I do think the best FREE photo editing app available is SNAPSEED. Another app we’ve used to create more heavily editing photo’s in our feed like this below. 

It looks like we’ve spent a little longer editing this one but in truth it was about 2 extra clicks to the usual photo’s. We used Snapseed and whacked a Drama filter on top of a HDR Scape filter and that’s it. There’s loads more filters and capabilities with these apps but as I’ve mentioned early, with daily content we like to keep things as simple as possible. 

I think the most important part of Instagram photography and photography in general, is obviously the actual photo. Once you’ve managed to take a great photo, the edits will only enhance it. It’s difficult to edit a rubbish photo. 

I’d love to give you some flawless tips to make your photography of a professional level, but truth be told I literally see a scene and snap it. I’m by no means a professional, just an enthusiastic amateur. I’ll sometimes get creative and try different things and actually that’s probably the best tip you can follow, try things. It’s how I’ve learnt and gradually noticed an improvement in my photography.

I like to pick a subject of the photo, a person or object and make sure they’re in focus, not too close or far away and make sure the scene is nice and bright, a good backdrop is important too. I notice you think about different things in different environments. Snapping away out in the open is a lot different to taking photo’s of products for example. 

We keep it simple. Hopefully there’s something from this post you can take away and include in your own Instagram feed. 

We’d say our favourite style is bright, vivid and in the moment shots. Trying to capture that in the moment, adventure, exploration kind of photo is where we’ve taken our photography. 

Where will you take yours?

Thanks for reading, 

David and Donetta 🙂 


david and donetta


  1. Take from someone who used to be a (semi) pro photographer – there is too much snobbery in the industry! I’ve always believed the mantra that “the best camera is the one you have with you”. I don’t want to take away from the fact that there is a certain talent in photography but in this technological age, ANYONE can make amazing photos. When I shoot my niece’s wedding in Kos I will have my Canon 50D, my new M50, my GoPro and my PHONE! Yes, I plan to use my phone to officially photograph someone’s wedding. Plus, I’m hoping to get other people photos from their phones too to add into the mix.

    Okay, photography snobbery rant aside…

    My Instagram used to be a personal account that I transitioned into the YorkshireDadOf4. I could have deleted my old “snapshots” but I can’t bear to delete photos! I don’t post as many photos nowadays, 2 maybe 3 per day. I’m trying to find a growth formula and not succeeding. I’ve avoided posting photos that don’t convey the YDo4 image, such as my landscape or art shots, but I’m changing that. I’ve decided to ditch the whole rule set of not posting more than 3 photos a day and do this that and the other. I want to bloody well share my work!

    1. Phone camera’s now to the average person take as good a photo as expensive camera’s. If you take into account what type of content the average person is seeing on a day to day basis which means the best camera being the one you have is so true. I’ve tried it all, certain amounts of posts, certain times of the day and honestly there’s no method that really works best. I’m posting what I want when I went for a while and see what happens! 🙂

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