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The summer holidays are upon us and we are all looking for things to do with the kids to keep them from getting bored and things that don’t break the bank get extra points.

Well there are lots of FREE things to do in God’s own country, Yorkshire. This list is just a few of what’s on offer in this beautiful county. Just take a pack up and enjoy these FREE DAYS OUT in Yorkshire 🙂


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This is a firm favourite of ours, it has all the things you would expect from a garden centre plus much more. It’s definitely more than just a typical garden centre. Wentworth has some breathtaking gardens to explore, there are small ponds, a bear cave, a maze, some beautiful picnic spots and plenty of places to walk. The kids imaginations run wild!

In the off season months the gardens are free but in the summer there is a small charge of £1 for children and £1.50 for adults which is well worth it. Wentworth also has a small family farm with meerkats, goats, a fox and lots more. There is a small charge to get into this area but within the farm there is also a couple of play areas, a massive sand pit, plus a new sand and water play area. There’s lots to do without these extra charges, it has a really nice play area, some lovely shops to look around and a pet centre where you can look at or buy some pets. The restaurant looks yummy although we haven’t eaten in it as we always take a picnic. In December they have an ice rink and Santa Grotto, plus different things throughout the year. There’s so much more too, You can definitely spend all day at Wentworth Garden Centre. Go check their website out or Facebook page and if you are in the area I would highly recommend it.


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Graves Park in Sheffield is a huge parkland area, it has woodlands and some small streams running through it. It is brilliant for taking dogs, Peppa our Pug loves it. You can take a picnic and not spend a penny all day. We have taken games to play on the grass and the kids have been occupied for hours. There’s a play park and a Animal Farm that’s completely free, you can’t take your dog into the farm though. When we went there was a little train that takes you for a ride around the park, I’m sure there was a small charge but I’m not sure if the train runs all year round. If you want a completely free day out Graves park is fantastic.




Now we have never actually been to the National Coal Mining Museum, we have been waiting for Corben to turn 5 so he can go on the underground tour. He is nearly 6 so I don’t know why we haven’t been yet but it’s on our list this summer.

This is what it says on the ‘About Us’ section on their website…

“The National Coal Mining Museum for England keeps the stories of coal mining alive by creating enjoyable and inspiring ways to learn for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and by collecting and preserving the industry’s rich heritage.”

You have to be over 5 to go on the underground tour where real miners take you 140 metres underground on a adventure at Caphouse Colliery. It does say on the website there is so much more to do even if you can’t go underground. They have a playpark and cafe. All this is FREE! If you go on the underground tour you will be asked for a £5 deposit, which you get back at the end or you can donate it. Check out their website as I’m sure I have missed out loads.


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Another Museum, but we have actually been to this one. I was going to say Corben loved it (our 5 year old) but me and David also loved this place. The Museum is on 6 levels! One level is all about the history of photography, another one you get hands on with science and can watch a live show, there is a tv gallery, and much much more but my favorite had to be the games lounge. You can play all the classic games like Pacman, Super Mario, Street Fighter and Space Invaders etc and take a look at all the old computer consoles from Commodore, Atari to Nintendo and Sega’s. They also have a cafe and a bar.


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We are a regular at this park and it’s great. Within the park they have about 3 different play parks, a big sandpit play area and in the summer they have a big water play park. There’s also a few small fairground rides that you have to pay for but they are not always on. They have lots of events on throughout the year too so look out for them, but on a regular day you don’t have to spend a penny and they also have a museum and a cafe. You can spend anything from a couple of hours to all day here.


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The North Yorkshire Moors are full of hidden gems that are completely FREE and breathtakingly stunning. Goathland is a little village that is better known as Aidensfield in the Heartbeat TV show, you can take a look around this beautiful village and see where they filmed the show. Beck Hole is a small valley village, with a waterfall and you can paddle in the stream and jump over the rocks. These are just 2 of many beautiful villages in the Moors. Again if you didn’t want to spend any money you could take a pack up and explore this stunning and in my opinion best part of Yorkshire.

So there we have it, 6 free things to do in Yorkshire. I could go on as there are so many more things completely free in Yorkshire, have a Google, but these are my top ones. Also check out your local parks and museums as they are usually free and the kids love it 🙂

Thank you for reading and I hope this has helped you if you’re a bit stuck for ideas this summer holidays. Let me know where your favourite free places are to visit as we always love checking out new places.



david and donetta



  1. July 27, 2018 / 10:22 am

    It’s donkey’s years since I went to the NCM! Up until 4 years ago, we lived just 15 minutes from there, but at the time V wasn’t 5 so we didn’t go as she wouldn’t have been allowed down the pit. It’s a bit of a trek now but we’ll do it one day. In fact, it’s got to rain tomorrow and H is working so I might take the girls down there.
    We went to Clifton park a few times when we lived in Dewsbury. It’s a great place. The media museum is ace, I love it there.
    I can’t believe you wrote about the North York Moors and I didn’t get a mention hahahaha!

    • July 27, 2018 / 12:25 pm

      We’ve not been to the NCM yet but really hope to go soon. Clifton Park is great, we’re there often. I want to go back to the media museum, Bradford is such a lovely place, I never knew! Ah yes, you have your award for the most Yorkshire man in the Yorkshire Moors don’t you? HA! Thanks for reading, hopefully you’ve got some ideas and inspiration from it 🙂

  2. August 12, 2018 / 10:08 pm

    We loved Wentworth Garden Centre. Such lovely gardens.. and that maze was brilliant! Naturally, the girls loved the sand….. our car didn’t though. I’d love to visit the National Coal Museum… I think I have a thing for mining!! 😀

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