Doncaster as a town, seems to be going through a patch of negativity at the moment and we want to help change that. 

Doncaster is where Donetta and I live and have lived our entire lives. We will be the first one’s to admit we’ve not always said this with pride and have often mentioned our desire to move away from Doncaster. 

Then we started to cast our minds back to our childhood and slowly walked down memory lane up to the present day. Doncaster has changed massively and mostly for the better. 

The problem with negative people, negative events and negativity in general, is that it spreads like wildfire and people are generally more inclined to express negativity and to jump on someone else’s negativity band wagon purely to make matters worse. It’s the way society has gone over the last 30 years or so. If you have a negative experience or sometimes just don’t get what you want, you’ll shout about it on social media and others will start chiming in too. 

On the flip side, if you have a positive experience whilst shopping for example, you feel that’s what you should expect and deserve and will rarely shout about it on social media. Negative things always gain more traction than positive and it pisses me off. I listen to the radio in a morning on the school run and there will be 5 articles, 4 of which will involve death, child abuse, terrorism and job losses. All negative. Then they’ll throw in that Prince William’s kid is starting school or has had a hair cut or some other shite most of us don’t care about as the ‘positive’ story. It’s every morning. 

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So it’s no surprise that negative things are spoken about much more than the positive, which brings me to this strange time in our hometown Doncaster. 

I’ll refer more to the last 30 years because that’s roughly how long we’ve been alive! Over these last 30 years Doncaster has been known to have one of the best markets in the north of England, it’s great. We have a huge train station that has access to pretty much everywhere in the UK. The Frenchgate Centre has grown massively in more recent times and there’s not many, if any, high street shops that we don’t have available to us in Doncaster. Add to this the fact we have one of the major Racecourse’s in the racing circuit and even more recently, we have actual LIONS at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Lions, Tigers, Meerkats at loads more in DONCASTER! If you’d have said this to me when I was a teenager some 15 years ago I’d have laughed at you. 

Doncaster has grown, changed and improved so much in the last 30 years we should be proud to shout about it. This is merely a handful of major attractions to Doncaster as a town, there’s so much more. Yet, when many of the local Doncaster people speak online about Doncaster, it’s the very small amount of negatives that take centre stage. 

The major negative currently is the amount of vulnerable and/or in need of help drug addict and homeless people existing directly in the town centre. It’s a HUGE problem. A problem for the town in general but also a problem for our society as a whole. Why are there so many people that have found themselves in those situations? The government as a whole needs to really focus on and work with local councils to resolve whatever the main causes are for these individuals. I’m a human and so are these people, something that many of us forget all too easily. They need proper help, not simply ‘moving on’. 

I’m not a mayor or part of the council and have no idea what exactly the solution is, but what I do know is that this situation is at this moment holding back Doncaster from being the town it can be, the town it is when you look past the negativity. 

I’m sure the local council and the government as a whole are working on strategies as we speak, I think it would be naive to suggest otherwise simply because they’re not opening sharing their processes. I’m not interested in them sharing their plans I just want action. 

The point I was making earlier regarding negativity far out-shouting positivity is exactly what’s happening in Doncaster right now. There is certainly a huge problem that needs resolving, however I don’t want this to take away from the amazing things our town has done in recent decades. 

Donetta and I are working with several brands and businesses in Doncaster over the coming weeks to show just how many amazing things there are and are happening in our town. If you’ve watched our YouTube Channel you’ll most likely have seen how often we visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and how much we love it! Well our aim now is to expand on this and really get around Doncaster to explore what’s right here in our home town.

There are some absolute gems within the DN area and we want to uncover them. Anything from the Doncaster Racecourse, Lakeside Shopping Village and The Frenchgate Centre, to The Shoe Room, Dream Bakes, CAST and other great Doncaster brands and businesses. 

We want to showcase what Doncaster has to offer and not just for our locals either, we want to help Doncaster become even more attractive to people from all over Yorkshire, the north and the UK in general. 

Donetta and I are going to do our bit and hopefully you’ll enjoy, learn and discover a few things about Doncaster along the way. 

Thanks for reading, 

David and Donetta 🙂 


david and donetta

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