Ten years ago Hannah was walking past a patisserie and took a snapshot, uploaded it to social media and captioned it ‘This will be me in 10 years, owning my own patisserie’. Today, 8 years later, Hannah is the co-owner of dreambakes Cafe, Bakery & Deli.

We love stories like this, someone finding their passion and going all-in on that passion to realise their dreams. The journey of dreambakes is such a feel-good story I’ll be using it to motivate not only myself but others around me.

Hannah Dreambakes

If you’ve been following our #DoncasterIsGreat series on YouTube you’ll have seen us visiting various attractions and businesses in Doncaster over the last few weeks. We’re working with Visit Doncaster to show off some of the fantastic places we have in our hometown and dreambakes is certainly one of them.

dreambakes on Priory Walk in Doncaster town centre is a cafe, bakery & deli that also has a bespoke cake-making service. We went in to explore, experience and have a chat with the daughter-mum duo co-owners Hannah and Carol to find out what makes dreambakes special.

If you want to see our experience and snippets of the conversation we had with Hannah, WATCH OUR VIDEO 🙂

What grabbed our attention immediately about dreambakes was the way it all felt brand new at the same time as having an established feel to it. dreambakes has only been open since May 2018 yet already feels like an established venue to have a coffee and a cake or host an afternoon tea party.

The decor is fantastic, the colours have been well selected and the copper/rustic accessories within the decor give it real character. A friendly welcome is always on hand and the locally sourced and in-house baked products are incredible. We had a slice of chocolate cake, a coffee and a hot chocolate and they were delicious.

As good as the decor and the actual produce is, it’s the story and thinking behind dreambakes that I enjoyed learning about. Everything was purposeful, the decor, the layout, the way they source produce and the way the entire business is run from top to bottom.

dreambakes doncaster

Speaking with Hannah, the daughter of the co-owning duo was an absolute pleasure. Hannah told us how she’d wanted to realise what is now dreambakes for years and has actually achieved the dream earlier than planned. Plans for the cafe, bakery & deli started in Summer 2017 and less than a year later the doors were open for business. From the beginning the plan was to source as much as possible locally, from the sign outside, the materials that build the counter, to the coffee and jams used. A huge emphasis was placed on building a local business for local people, both by and with local people. It’s fantastic.

There’s a real sense of care and attention in the atmosphere and it’s no surprise that the business is growing and adding more and more strings to its bow. As well as being a cafe, bakery & deli that you can visit, Hannah and Carol also create bespoke cakes made to order. If you have a special event, personal or business, dreambakes can help create and supply the best bit of any event, the cakes! The menu is made from recycled paper and there’s even a helpful note on to let you know they can adapt their products to meet your vegetarian or vegan requirements too.

dreambakes doncaster

The cafe doors are also open for hosting events such as afternoon teas, vegan cheese tasting and various other local meet-ups. Heavily involved with the local community dreambakes are a fantastically run business, a pleasure to spend time in with great people leading from the front for local Doncaster businesses.

Thoughtful food, made in Yorkshire’ – dreambakes

If you’re in and around Doncaster town centre or traveling over to our hometown, get dreambakes on your list as a place to visit, have a drink and get the chocolate slice ordered!


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