A couple of weeks ago I was asked to be a guest presenter for Doncaster’s 5 Of The Best, a short round-up type video, presenting events happening in our local town Doncaster.

Being a vlogger and spending hours in front of the camera and absolutely loving it, I thought yeah sure why not, how hard can it be. Very fucking hard.

The day before filming I was sent a script with a load of lines I would have to say in the video. Now I’ve not read from a script since primary school and that was about 20 odd years ago! Still, I was thinking it would be pretty easy, 7 different dialogues for 7 short video clips. My thinking was that I’d read through the script a couple of times the night before and then on the day I’d read one section at a time turn around and bang it out to the camera.

What an idiot I am.

Now you should know that my brain likes to play tricks on me, so my theory was simple yet in practice my brain decided it was going to play hide and seek with the words I’d read only half a second before!

I watched a couple of previous guest presenters of Doncaster’s 5 Of The Best and being a vlogger I knew I’d be expected to smash this relatively easily. A massive shout-out to the previous guest presenters too, I now know how difficult this job is. Naturally I wanted to do really well and try to come across in the best way I could, so I started to practice in front of Donetta and Instagram Stories. If you were hanging around our Insta Stories that night I’m sure you’ll remember a few choice words that definitely weren’t in the script!

It was at this point it really hit home just how difficult it was to read two full sentences and repeat them as authentically as possible to a camera.


Luckily for me nerves aren’t an issue, being on camera is not a problem and talking is my ultimate weapon. I’ve now found that reading words, remembering words and repeating words is not a natural strength. It was much more difficult than I’d anticipated.

Anyway, I had a few goes at it in the evening and basically hoped that come show-time it would just happen for me. Our tag line isn’t Married and Winging It because it sounds cool, it’s because it’s literally what we do!

So the morning of filming comes and I had managed to almost master 3 of the 7 sections I had to say. I then realised on the drive to the filming location that’s because I’d not read the last 4 bits because it was hard enough remembering the first 3! We arrive and have a little chat with our lovely friends from Visit Doncaster and then the camera guy gets there and I have to be mic’d up. I’d love to have the raw audio file sent to me to listen to. The mic had to record continuously throughout the entire shoot, so will have caught every balls-up and every slip of the tongue.

The wind was awful but after a couple of attempts I smashed the opening clip, I mean, I ought to have, it was me introducing myself and one thing I can remember is my name!

We moved around the location to grab different shots and I actually don’t think I did that bad to be fair. Each clip took a couple of attempts and I got there in the end with each of them. There was one clip where I’m talking about the RSPCA Big Walkies Event and in the video it pans to a room full of people with their dogs, yeah those people were all sat right behind the camera watching me spout out my lines! It’s a good job I’m pretty good under pressure but there were so many distractions and the odd noise from the gathered crowd, I knew I’d have to go again to get the best clip.

When I spoke the very last word in the very last scene, pure relief came over me I won’t lie. I was massively relieved that I’d managed to wing it and get the job done. I was happy with my debut presenter gig, but also happy to hang up my presenting ambitions in the cupboard along with my football boots. Memorising lines, scripts and being able to not only repeat them, but bring life to them as opposed to a robotic script reading tone, is hard!

They were happy, I was happy and all in all I reckon I did a good job. Stepping into something new completely out of your comfort zone is difficult, but if you can just throw yourself in and give things a go who knows what you’re capable of…

I’d love to know what you think?!ย 

Thanks for reading,

David ๐Ÿ™‚



david and donetta



  1. I think you did a great job! Recently I had to do one line to camera and I ballsed it up! I don’t think they actually used the clip in the end. It’s bloody difficult when you’re in front of one of those big ass cameras!

  2. The video was ace, I think you did better than even you think! Can’t wait to see more in the future as well! Maybe you should start your own visit doncaster! #DDFB

    1. You can’t be saying that mate! I’m working with THE Visit Doncaster HA! Appreciate that, thank you, I enjoyed doing it. Not sure I’ll be presenting again any time soon but more videos are on the way!

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