Over the last couple of months we’ve been creating videos to bring you the hidden gems of Doncaster. Businesses, brands and events that really do make Doncaster great. Today we’re filming our final video of the #DoncasterIsGreat series.

It’s the Culture Crawl in Doncaster this evening and we’re off to see what it’s all about and capture some video. We’ve been working with Visit Doncaster throughout this project on the basis that we would create a 6 Part Series of #DoncasterIsGreat videos, sharing with you what Doncaster really has to offer if you take a closer look.

We’ve enjoyed creating content for this project so much there has ended up being 7 videos!

We kicked off our series of videos with a mind-boggling performance from ARKA at Cast. It was as confusing as it was entertaining, we loved it, even if we didn’t have a clue what was happening!

Next we were chanting ‘300 subscribers a pound!’ as we took you around the legendary Doncaster Market which is undergoing a HUGE overhaul and promises to offer our town so much more in 2019. Corben bagged himself a few new toys, my jaw hit the floor wondering why we don’t buy ALL of our fruit and veg from the market at those prices and Donetta now has a mission to eat at the Clam & Cork.

After the visit to CAST and a trip to the market we then delved into another side of Doncaster, one that really captured our attention, small independent businesses. They may be classed as small in a business sense but they’re anything but small in heart, passion and customer service. The Shoe Room in Doncaster with Richard and Michelle is a prime example of a business run on heart, passion and customer service.

I spent roughly 7 hours in The Shoe Room and came out with a passion for helping independent local businesses, a love of high quality shoes and a gleaming smile that there are people that really care about their customers. Oh and a 6 minute video that in all honesty could have been done in half an hour but I didn’t want to leave the shop!

Sticking with our theme of independent customer focussed local businesses, we headed to dreambakes and left filled with cake, hot chocolate and so many childhood memories flooding back. The last part might not be relevant for you but it was for me when we found that one of the co-owners Carol, in her past life was a teacher and it turned out she knew all of my old teachers and even my younger sisters! Besides all of that dreambakes are doing wonderful things for the local community, getting involved in hosting events, meet-ups, bespoke cake making and that’s on top of sourcing everything for their business from within Yorkshire.

Hannah and Carol, a mum-daughter duo, much like Richard and Michelle at The Shoe Room are running their business the right way, customer focussed experience. They’re forward thinking and innovative making them such a great place to visit again and again.

Smack bang in the middle of the town, we hit up the Mansion House. That was meant to sound ‘trendy’ rather than sounding like we robbed it…

Anyway, we went to the Mansion house to discover what this wonderful looking building was actually there for. We always thought it was for local mayors etc, which it is, but they also host afternoon tea, dancing events AND you can get married in there too! We never knew any of that. The building is breathtaking, I could imagine the wedding photo’s now, WOW.

The place is also steeped in history and the volunteers on hand at their monthly opening days are massively knowledgable and know the story behind every piece of artwork in this history-laden house.

Most recently we turned our focus again and went down the night out route, taking you with us on date-night. Can you call it date night when you take a camera to film it and you’re home for 9pm?

We’ve found our new favourite route for a night out in Doncaster, one that not only offers food, entertainment and an array of drinks options, but has almost no walking involved either! The Magdalen, No.7 Rum Rooms and The Gin Rooms are nicely connected and offer everything you need for a full night out, meaning once you’re in that little circle there’s no need to go anywhere else in town.

What we found really unique was that all 3 bars are owned and ran by the same person, Jackie, who is lovely and very forward thinking, yet all 3 offer something quite different. There’s a different vibe in each location despite all being connected so closely. The extremely unique decor and vibe in the Rum Rooms has us wanting to go back ASAP, without the camera next time though.

Whilst we’re talking about Doncaster and our project over the last couple of months, I’ll just throw in the fact I was also the Visit Doncaster’s 5 Of The Best guest presenter too! The events in the following video are now obsolete, but how do you think I did on my debut presenting gig?

It’s been such a fun project and not only have we been able to share with the rest of the Doncaster community that there are still so many good things about our town, we’ve actually had our eyes opened ourselves. There are some fantastic people, businesses and brands in Doncaster and so many great events as well as big plans to continue and build on what’s already available in the town.

We believe in what Doncaster has and what’s to come so much so that this certainly isn’t the end of our #DoncasterIsGreat series and we plan to continue bringing you the best of what’s available by our usual way of David and Donetta getting out and about and experiencing things first hand, creating content to share with you.

Tonight we’re going to experience the Culture Crawl across Doncaster town centre and we will be sharing that with you very soon! Better yet, get yourself there and give us a nod or say hello!

We appreciate all the local support that allows us to continue creating content for our hometown, if you are a business, brand or local person that wants to collaborate and get involved, please do get in touch with us or by DM on Twitter or Instagram @davidanddonetta

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David and Donetta πŸ™‚


David and donetta



  1. Hi David and Donetta,

    We are coming up Saturday for the cup game on Sunday any recommendations for Saturday night out on the town?

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