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With my 37th birthday coming up this August, it’s got me thinking about all the things I’ve not yet managed to do.

I can’t believe so many years have passed and 40 is creeping up ever so quickly and there’s a few things I want to achieve before it finally arrives.

There’s no particular reason why I’m putting a time limit on the things I’m going to share with you, only that I wanted to set myself a fun challenge and this seems perfect. So I’ve created a list of 40 things to do before I’m 40.

Can we just pause for a second. 40, as in FORTY. (insert shocked, crying, laughing, sweating emoji’s)

As I begin to cross off each item I will be updating you via our YouTube Channel and my Instagram account so you can come along with me and inevitably give me the odd gentle kick up the backside for encouragement.

So here we go, my list of 40 Things To Do Before I’m 40


No.1 – Quit my current job – I love working in the care sector but my future, I hope, will be making an income from home as my own boss.

No.2 – Meet someone famous.

No.3 – Go camping – I’ve never been camping and I want to have a night under the stars. (Even if it’s just in the garden!)

No.4 – Take my two daughters on a girly weekend abroad – I can get quite anxious about planes and travelling as the only responsible adult, so this would be a challenge!

No.5 – Take the boys (David and Corben) to Goodison Park, Everton FC to do the stadium tour.

No.6 – Learn/start learning a new language – I really like the thought of learning Welsh.

No.7 – Sort my finances out – Don’t we all!

No.8 – Have my teeth whitened – Years of smoking (I stopped almost 7 years ago), drinking coffee and guzzling Diet Coke has made me self-conscious about my teeth.

No.9 – Change my hair colour.

No.10 – Start running.

No.11 – Get my sleeve tattoo’s finished.

No.12 – Meet some Elephants – As in, touch one, feed one etc.

No.13 – Have the wedding party for everyone to come that we never had – We kept our day small as you can read HERE, and planned to have a massive bash the year later for all family and friends.

No.14 – Road trip in Scotland.

No.15 – Learn to edit video – I had a go with this one I’m Not The Same Person When I Watch Football.

No.16 – Eat a rare food I’ve never tried.

No.17 – Read a full book.

No.18 – Have a spa day.

No.19 – Go to Shetland – This one would literally break the bank so the Scotland road trip might have to do. But this is something I NEED to tick off one day.

No.20 – Go for a proper afternoon tea.

No.21 – Grow my own vegetables.

No.22 – Make all of our money from home. Both David and I become self-employed.

No.23 – Attend a murder mystery dinner.

No.24 – Take the kids to London.

No.25 – Visit 5 new towns or cities in the UK.

No.26 – Stop in a posh hotel by myself.

No.27 – Host a poker night – And whoop everyone for every penny they have!

No.28 – Have a weekend away with the husband.

No.29 – Take Corben away for the night, just the two of us.

No.30 – Cook a new recipe.

No.31 – Go to a concert.

No.32 – VOTE! – I’ve never voted before.

No.33 – Take an Ancestry DNA test to learn more about my history.

No.34 – Quit diary permanently.

No.35 – Stop at my mums for the night and drink gin.

No.36 – Try pink gin.

No.37 – Go to comic-con dressed up, most likely as Jessica Jones!

No.38 – Go 24 hours without social media or my phone.

No.39 – Take a dance class.

No.40 – Vlog for 40 days in a row leading up to my 40th birthday!


There you go! If you can help with any of the above feel free to get in touch 🙂

What would be on your list?!



40 things before 40




David and donetta

6 thoughts on “40 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I’M 40”

    1. Me too! I think I’m going to write one as well. – David

      PS. You needed to write that in red pen miss! HAHA!


    No2 – you have – ME! Haha I’ve found that wait by stage doors at end of plays is the best way to meet famous people. That or trip over them in London
    No.6 – ia plis! Mae Cymraeg yn iaith anodd i’w dysgu oherwydd bod Cymraeg ffurfiol mor wahanol i Cymraeg dyddiol. Ond mae o’n werth ei wneud!
    No.23/26 or 28 – if you’re interested, they do murder mystery hotel stays in Llandudno. They used to have them in the Grand Hotel but not sure if they’re still doing them. Google “murder mystery Llandudno” and it should come up.
    No.37 – YES! DO IT! I’d love to go to a Comic Con!
    No.38 – Difficult – very difficult

    1. Hahaha David said the exact same about him for number 2 🤣 yes you can definitely help me with number 6 is that what you are saying haha I have downloaded a couple of apps too but not sure how good they are :/ oooo yes 23/26 and 28 that sounds amazing I will google it thank you 😊 you guys should come with us when we go comic con and we should all dress up ? Number 38 David said it wasn’t long enough I should do a weekend 🤔😬😟
      Thank you Rebecca for all your ideas 🙂 -Donetta

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