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We’ve finally done it after over a year of trying this that and the other, we’ve hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube!

Why is 1K such an important milestone, I think because so many of the big YouTubers refer to that first 1K as the toughest. Starting from nothing and trying to figure it all out for yourself can be so tough. I’m not just talking about the everchanging trends and algorithms that YouTube throws at you, it just tough deciding what you’re about and what type of content you want to create. It’s all such a minefield.

If you add these things to the fact you’re brand new and nobody cares about you yet, figuring out graphic design for thumbnails, what camera and editing software to use and a thousand other things, getting people to subscribe is frankly a massive ballache.

So when you finally do gain traction and pick up speed in the subscriber department it becomes very exciting and you start to make little goals for yourself. Our only goal when we decided to change the channel at only around 100-and-something subscribers, from DadvWorld to David and Donetta, was to hit 1K subscribers.

We messed around with the channel and were massively inconsistent for so long, and it wasn’t until we finally settled on the David and Donetta style videos you see now and became more consistent with our uploads, that we really started to gather pace.

It’s almost impossible to dish out YouTube secrets on How To Hit 1K Subscribers because everyone’s channel, style and audience are vastly different. How we did it was through sheer determination to create and share what we want, how we want and hope people would relate.

Sure it’s taken us a lot longer than other people and I’ve even seen people start a channel and fly past us within only a few months, but that’s OK. I’m happy that we’ve stuck to our guns and reached our goal in the manner we wanted to reach it.

Our previous post was all about social media numbers and how my mindset has finally changed for the better regarding them. That doesn’t mean I don’t still have goals I want to achieve and isn’t it funny how within a week of really evaluating my mindset around social media numbers, we hit over 500 Facebook Page ‘LIKES’ and 1K YouTube Subscribers after a little stagnant period.

1K subscribers has been our only goal with YouTube for a while now and neither of us have thought much about what comes after that, 10K maybe?

I really don’t know. As I’m writing this I’m mulling it over in my mind and find myself quite surprised actually, that I haven’t thought passed this moment. I feel for the first time with our channel, content. Content that we’ve hit that 1K milestone and content with the content we’re creating. That’s a lot of the word ‘content’ there, I hope you get what I’m saying.

I’m happy with where we are, that’s a little more clear isn’t it. I’m happy with our channel and the content we’re creating.

It strangely feels quite fitting that just at the end of our whole pregnancy journey and as we release the birth vlog, we also hit 1K. It feels like we can now start the new chapter, the new era, creating the next phase of content with 1K subscribers backing us.

Finally, we say it a lot and we mean it, we MASSIVELY appreciate everyone that joins in with our content. Whether you watch, like, comment, share, or a mixture of all of this, we are soo grateful.

So who’s coming on the ride with us to 10K?!

David and Donetta 🙂


David and donetta


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  1. July 26, 2019 / 11:57 am

    Huge congrats guys! I’m here for the 10k ride!

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