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Not only to support Donetta through her pregnancy but because of the positive spiral effect, I’m taking the One Year No Beer challenge.

I should start by saying that I don’t have an alcohol problem and don’t even have a bad relationship with alcohol. This challenge isn’t because I’m worried about my alcohol intake as many of you that know me will know I rarely drink alcohol as it is. I guess that means this challenge should be easy.

What intrigues me hugely about the One Year No Beer challenge, is the positive spiral effect I hope to create by using the hints, tips, and advice offered by OYNB.

One Year No Beer isn’t just something I’ve made up. OneYearNoBeer.com (OYNB) is a website started by Andy Ramage and Ruari Fairbairns to connect with a community of people who, for a variety of reasons, no longer wanted to deal with the adverse effects of drinking alcohol.

There are a few different challenges you can take, from the 28-day to the 90-day to the 365-day challenge. Upon deciding to take the challenge that’s right for you, you’re introduced to a huge community of people that are all readily available to share experiences and support. On top of this, there are daily emails for motivation and an entire step-by-step book to help guide you through your challenge.

OH! OYNB sent me this AWESOME package too!

one year no beer david and donetta

With Donetta being pregnant, OYNB got in touch with me to see if I’d like to take their challenge as a way of supporting Donetta throughout our pregnancy, as she’ll obviously be alcohol-free too. As soon as I saw that there was a 365-day challenge I immediately started to mould my own positive spiral effect which I could use to help motivate myself to improve other areas of my life too. Not drinking alcohol for an entire year isn’t too much of a challenge for me, but the ethos of the OYNB challenge isn’t just about not drinking alcohol, it’s so much more.

Not drinking alcohol has so many health benefits, both mental and physical health. My thinking and the OYNB way of thinking is that you can then leverage these benefits to improve other areas of your life. Something as simple as, if you’re not drinking, then you’re not getting a hangover, and if you’re not getting hangovers you’ll be fresh that morning to be more productive. Making one change can then naturally force another change and before you know it you’ve made three or four better decisions that benefit your life.

I liken it to something I think an ex-navy seal said about making your bed. He was saying that making your bed in a morning can change your life, just that one simple task. Basically, if you wake up in a morning and you make your bed, that’s the first task of the day done and that will motivate you to do another task, because, well you’ve done one so you may as well do another, and another etc. You can see how that’s stuck with me and I’ve started making my own routines I call positive spiral effects.




Getting back to my OYNB challenge specifically, I’ve decided that if I’m not drinking alcohol for an entire year then I may as well start doing something else to benefit my health. The most obvious thing is to introduce some exercise. Again, knowing myself I know that I’ll respond better to making small changes. Even taking the dog for a walk, why not walk that little bit further, or once you’ve got one dog walk done in the morning, why not get out again in the evening. It’s a subtle change but one that’s beneficial.

Already two weeks into my challenge I’ve noticed many little changes that altogether make a big change to my lifestyle. All because I’ve decided to take on the One Year No Beer Challenge, I’ve decided to make our dog walks that bit longer, because of that I’ve decided it’s a waste if I then don’t cut down on the junk food, and then if I’m cutting the junk food down I should replace fizzy cans of pop with water and it goes on.

You can see the spiral effect it’s having and in my reality, it’s nothing really to do with alcohol.

I really like this positive spiral effect I’m experiencing and I’m making small, but better decisions each day that after a period of time I’m sure will begin to show results in my mental and physical health. If I can grasp this and put it to work in other areas of my life, things such as my productivity will also gain better results.

I’m only a couple of weeks in but already my mindset is extremely positive and I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of my One Year No Beer Challenge.

For all of the official information please visit OneYearNoBeer.com

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Disclaimer: I’ve partnered with One Year No Beer to document my experience of their challenge.

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