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It’s always easy to evaluate something after the fact. In the moment it’s much harder to make the right decisions whilst keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Welcome back to David and Donetta – Our UK Lifestyle Blog, where we document our life.

Today we’re talking about the last 10 weeks, where we’ve had an additional member of our family. In all honesty, in terms of parenting, it’s been as easy as you could hope for when having a newborn. She’s been absolutely golden! Sorry for showing off, we realise we’ve been dealt a huge slice of luck.

It’s all the other areas of our life that have been in question. Continuing to try and create content across our blog, YouTube channel and several social media platforms has been confusing. I don’t want to say hard, because it’s always hard and there are always challenges, I’m going with confusing. Confusing because when you have a newborn you can’t help but become more aware, more appreciative and your perspective on life alters. That then makes decisions on what content to create and share online, confusing.


We all know by now that I (David) have world-changing plans on a weekly basis that take my concentration in several different directions at once, that’s just who I am. Although over the last 10 weeks, it’s become the most confusing time of all in terms of what direction exactly we want to take our ‘brand’.

David and Donetta

Do we, are we and should we, be sharing so much family stuff online? There’s no right or wrong answer which adds to the confusion. In one hand, sharing family content is important, we have 4 children with a lot of experience to share that could help other parents in their parenting journey. Sharing experience is hugely beneficial and a big part of how we can all grow individually to create a better world. On the other hand, there are some seriously tapped people that do pose a genuine threat to your safety when sharing details online. It is, unfortunately, the world we live in.

I think that’s the story of the internet. There’s so much good that can be done when it’s used as intended, but equally so much danger when it’s misused.

This all equals further confusion.

So over the last 10 weeks we’ve just dipped in and out, sharing bits here and bits there about general things, never sure of what the right path is. Behind the scenes we’re constantly discussing all that comes with being online creators, the paths we should pursue and the ones we should swerve. All of this whilst still trying to pay the bills. That’s another story!

In hindsight, I think what we should have done is pop out the baby, let all of you lovely lot know that all is well and then disappear for a good month to enjoy our new addition, re-calibrate our vision and then come back all refreshed.

In recent weeks we have had the odd day or so purely enjoying our family without thinking about the internet and it was lovely. I fully expect as we always have done, to have more days where we turn off the internet world without explanation and do our own thing. That actually happens a lot more than you’d think, scheduling posts is amazing 🙂


So where are we at right now?

Right now we’ve taken a step back and had a think about all the different avenues available to us and we’re still confused. HA! What we’ve figured out is, that’s OK. It’s OK to not have all of the answers and to not know exactly how all of this plays out. We like creating content on several platforms about several different things, so that’s what we will continue to do. We will call it ‘OUR LIFESTYLE’ because that’s exactly what it is, OURS!

I enjoy filming, creating and editing vlogs and photo’s, Donetta enjoys hauls, home decor and other things, whilst we’re also into how we can utilise certain aspects of minimalism to enhance our lifestyle and productivity working from home. So you’ll get all of that and you can decide which bits you like and which bits you’ll pass on.

There are also HUGE plans for That David Podcast – Season Two. The podcast team has expanded and the ideas are ambitious, meaning some fantastic content is coming your way very soon!

We genuinely hope that us being open and honest about all of this helps one or many of you. I know many content creators often feel lost and confused because there isn’t always a straight forward plan to follow, we want you to know that’s OK.

Here’s to making this shit up as we go along…

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