So another month has passed by which can only mean 1 thing right, another favourites video and blog 🙂

I love getting togther all of my favourite things from the month and sitting down to do a video and blog about them all. I think actually making the videos should be on my list because it’s definitely one of my favourite things to do! So without further ado let’s get into my June Favourites 2018…

1) Batiste Dry Shampoo

This has to be up there with most busy mum’s favourites because let’s face it who has time to wash their hair as often as they would like? Plus if you have a fringe like me, it needs washing everyday which just isnt happening so dry shampoo to the rescue most mornings. I use the darker one obviously as I have very dark hair. Believe it or not I never really used dry shampoo until recently when my mum picked some up from her local chemist and gave me a bottle, I have never looked back.

2) Doll 10 Makeup Brush

This makeup brush has one side for foundation and the other side for concealer. I have always struggled with foundation brushes and I dont know why, the foundation never seems to go on right (maybe because in my day we used our fingers and I still do a lot of the time). But, with this brush it actually works haha! I don’t get lines of foundation all over my face if that makes sense? I cant describe how it goes on with other brushes but it doesn’t look good. If you are in the market for a new foundation brush this is amazing.

3) Doll 10 Blush and Highlighter Palette

I’ve never had a nice makeup palette before, I don’t spend much money on makeup although David will disagree! But, I really don’t and I don’t have lots of makeup just what I need. So when my mum gave me this lovely palette I was very excited as I love my blusher and highlighter. In the palette there are 3 blushers and 3 highlighters and they are all so nice and the highlighters are so beautiful. Again if you are in the market for a new blusher and highlighter go check this out.

4) Primark My Perfect Colour Foundation

Now I know I have featured this before, but I think it was just in my dupes video and not a favourites? I think, haha :/ Well I’m putting it in again because I have been loving it this month. It’s so cheap and has great coverage. Go check out MY DUPES VIDEO to see what I think about it. The only problem is I haven’t seen it in my colour shade since, so if you see it in yours grab it while they have it in.

5) H&M Dress

I love this dress it’s red with beautiful flowers on it, it’s so pretty. The only problem is it’s too small and I have to take it back, I’m gutted 🙁 I thought I would put it in my favourites anyway just to show you. I’m taking it back today to a different H&M store to see if they have it in the next size up but it was in the sale so I’m not getting my hopes up.

6) Pretty Little Things Leather Jacket

I have been wanting a leather jacket for a while now and my amazing husband had taken note of this and got me one for our 3 year wedding annaversary gift. This jacket is just perfect for me, it’s cropped so I can wear it with dresses and looks great with jeans and a tee. It’s from the Pretty Little Things website, they do some amazing clothes. Go have a peek.

7) New Youth Theatre

This is the musical theatre group that my daughter Abi goes to once a week for 3 hours. I can’t praise it enough, Abi has never stuck with anything longer than 5 minutes but she is going into her 3rd term and I can’t see it being her last. I’m sure they have them all around the country so if you have a budding actor/actress and they love musical theatre definitely check this out. They rehearse all term then put on a mega show at the end.
Abi has done The Adams Family and Legally Blonde so far and she actually had a lead role in Legally Blond as Vivienne. Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds and the production they put on at the end of term is like a west end performance, it’s amazing! Go check out their website and see for yourself.

8) 24 Hours In Police Custody

Now onto a couple of TV shows. I’m sure this programme has been going years but I have only just discovered it whilst working nights. My pal at work got me watching it and I love it. It’s a documentary style show that covers a crime (a different one each episode) it’s real life as the police get the call to the crime, they wear cameras and it goes through the whole investgation while the person that they think committed the crime is in police custody. I’m not very good at describing it am I haha! But, it is soo good and it gets you gripped from the start.

9) Elementary

Me and David have been watching this show together in an evening for a while, my mum recommended it to us and we really like it. It’s a different take on Sherlock Holmes, set in America and Dr Watson is a woman (Lucy Liu). There are 6 seasons so plenty to get stuck into, the only problem we have now is that it’s only available on Now TV I think and we cancelled our subscription and can’t find it anywhere else. We may have to re-activate it just to finish watching them. We highly recommend this show.

10) Marks & Spencers Colour Changing Gin

My lovely work colleagues bought me some fab gifts when I left my job, I was so lucky and I can’t thank them enough. One of the gifts was 2 bottles of colour changing Gin from Marks & Spencers. The first one is British Rose Dry Gin and when you add tonic or lemonade in my case, as I just don’t like tonic water, it turns from a yellowish colour to pink and it tastes so beautiful.
The second bottle is British Lavender Dry Gin, again when you add tonic water or lemonade it changes colour, well it’s supposed to, I’m not sure if this one does it seems to stay the lovely lavender blue colour, but with me adding lemonade and not tonic water I’m not sure if it works the same, as it does say add tonic water on the bottle. They both taste so good and lovely to drink on a summers day in the garden with ice.
So there we have it, my June Favourites 2018, I hope you enjoyed it and it gives you some ideas. What have you been loving in June? Please let me know in the comments.
Thank you for reading and also please watch my YouTube video attached if you want to see the products in more detail.


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