David and donetta wedding

So our David and Donetta tag line is ‘Married And Winging It’. Well let’s tell you about that time we ‘winged it’ to the max!

One thing of minor importance so far in our life has been our wedding. Well without it we wouldn’t be MARRIED and winging it would we, we’d just be winging it.

There’s further explanation across two of our YouTube video’s Our Wedding Story Part 1 & 2, but here’s a general gist.

It was about almost this time 3 years ago actually, May 2015. We’d been together for 3 and a half years and had been engaged for nearly a year. We had our wedding booked for December of 2015 which didn’t give us that much time to save and prepare as it was.

Still, in May 2015 we were walking past the registry office and decided it would be a great idea to nip in and see when the next available date was, as in ASAP! Turned out it was the 13th June, 3 weeks away. Now we had Corben’s first scan on a 13th, we found out he was going to be a boy on another 13th, so as soon as the lady said 13th we were sold!


We got it booked at which point we had pretty much zero money, no plans, it was one of our daughters birthdays on the 5th June, oh and we were moving into a new house on the 10th June, 3 days before our new wedding day date!

We laughed and said ‘we’ll just wing it’.



We went into complete wedding on a budget mode. Our wedding rings were less than £100, Donetta got a dress from Debenhams for £60-70 and my attire was about half of that! I wore black jeans a shirt I already had and just added a nice waist coat and blazer. We sorted the girls out with Primark dresses for about £10 each and Corben matched me for next to nothing too.

Our friend Lynsay made our wedding cake from scratch and between her and Donetta they sorted out some buffet food. The venue was a local pub near where we lived at the time and they only wanted £30 and we could bring all our own food.

Another friend made some flowers and my pal Tomo paid for us a night at a posh AF hotel which almost cost more on its own than the entire wedding!

We managed to bang all this together within 3 weeks and spent in total no more than £500! We had some amazing help from friends with the cake, food, cars and hotel and that helped massively.

We had to be cut-throat when it came to numbers as the registry office only allowed so many and we had to keep other costs down too. We stuck to immediate family and closest friends only. I reckon there were about 30 people ish.

We can’t remember the exact figures etc so this post may be slightly out to what we say on the video but it’s all in the right area.

We absolutely winged the whole thing. Even on the wedding day it hammered it down with rain and we were left with an hour and half to kill between the wedding photo’s finishing, which my dad paid for and the venue opening for us to go back to. I was stood outside the registry office in the rain on my phone ringing around nearby venues that could take us in at 10:30am until our actual venue opened at 12! It all added to the day and everyone had a good laugh, whether that be at or with us it was brilliant.



We winged it further when the in-between venue then refused to serve anyone alcohol because it was only 10:30am, they had a licence it was just the manager’s discretion and turns out she was a twat! Married at 9:30am and stood in a bar/restaurant at 10:30am drinking lemonade with our guests… We couldn’t have planned it to happen more memorably.

Everyone went back to the main venue, ate, drank and had the best of times, it all went well.

We weren’t sure what to do once we got to the hotel later in the day so again went with the flow, the flow being a meal followed by paying £19 in taxi fares to go 3 miles up the road for half a drink and nearly falling asleep on each other in the middle of a bar.

All in all we just went with it, made snap decisions and trusted that it would all come out well in the end and it did.

If this doesn’t epitomise ‘Married And Winging It’ I don’t know what does!


David and donetta wedding



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David and donetta





  1. May 9, 2018 / 8:01 pm

    Love this! I really do! It just proves that you don’t need anything fancy pants to have a lovely wedding. I don’t understand why people want to spend a fortune for just one day.

    The only reason ours cost a bit was because we wanted to get married at Caer Rhun because it meant so much to us. But I would’ve been happy with a dress from eBay and a cake from Asda. But had some expectations to live up to unfortunately.

    Will watch the videos after kids gone to bed

  2. May 14, 2018 / 1:55 pm

    We did the whole shabbang for our wedding. But you know what, I’d have been just as happy with how you did it. A wedding day is what YOU make it not how much you spend on it!

    • May 15, 2018 / 9:06 am

      If I had lots of money we would have probably done it differently but I’m glad we didn’t. Our day said a lot about us I believe. It was just typical David and Donetta and the fact we can say that means more than anything to us. There’s nothing wrong with pulling out all the stops either 😃

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