We got one of those ‘On This Day’ type notifications on Facebook, it turns out it was the 7th May 2018 when we went live with the whole David and Donetta thing.

OK so we’re a bit late writing about it on here, but we did get a video out over on the YouTube channel where we had a look back at our first year working together.


In the video we answer the questions we would expect you would have for us, having completed a year surviving each other! We obviously didn’t have any actual questions from any of you that read the blog or have subscribed to our channel, as we didn’t even know it was our ‘workversary’ in the first place.

We got the notification, thought ‘ah shit yeah, it is about a year isn’t it‘ and turned on the camera to mark the moment.

It’s been a great year, a hard year and very much a year of learning for both of us. From creating some really enjoyable content, to no-one on the planet giving a shit, to earning money thinking we’re rich, to earning jack-shit for 3 whole months!

As a husband and wife team working together, I’d say we do better than most to be fair. Disagreements happen of course, but it’s all towards wanting the best for our ‘brand’. After an entire year of trying this, that and the other I’m not entirely sure we have it all figured out yet, but we’re edging closer. We’ve had weeks of being madly in love with creating our videos and then weeks when we want to press OFF and it all go away.

David and Donetta

I think once you make the move to change your hobby into a business, you have to very careful to stay mindful of your WHY and don’t lose that focus. It’s something I’ve (David) struggled with massively and having Donetta work alongside me, rather than going solo like with DadvWorld, has really highlighted just how much that was effecting my working life. Working for yourself is a whole different blog post, but it needs to be mentioned here as the last year of David and Donetta has really brought mindset to the forefront of everything we’re doing in year two.

When we started David and Donetta we weren’t sure exactly where it was going to go and how it would get there. I’m not sure that was a smart move, but we did know we wanted to enjoy creating some stuff and posting it on the internet. For 90% of the last year that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’ve met some awesome people and made some videos we’re really proud of. I don’t want to talk about numbers and all that nonsense, because another thing we’ve discovered over the last 12 months, is that numbers are certainly not everything. We’ve grown extremely slowly, but that’s not stopped us collaborating with some great brands and local businesses, including our local council. The content is really what matters and we’d like to think we’re proving that as we go along.

It’s been a great year and we plan to continue trying to learn, improve and bang out some David and Donetta style content as often as possible in year two and I guess we should thank you lot for coming along, HA!

Appreciate you all, now watch the video, it’s actually funny!

David and Donetta 🙂

David and donetta


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