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How are you? What’s all this about?

Well, we’ve decided to go full on with this David and Donetta thing and put together a website that will be the hub for all things David and Donetta.

As well as the YouTube Channel, the Instagram account @davidanddonetta and Podcast, we’d like to start creating blogs too! I mean why not, in for a penny in for a pound.

What to expect…

You can expect updates on everything happening in the David and Donetta EcoSystem including lifestyle, parenting, pregnancy, days out and reviews of all sorts of stuff.

We’re just going to have a laugh and record some stuff down to look at in a few years and probably again, laugh at. Get involved across social media and join us, see what happens…


For more videos come and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and for more day to day behind the scenes stuff we’re on Instagram @davidanddonetta 🙂

David and donetta

2 thoughts on “OUR NEW WEBSITE”

    1. Thanks Bec! We were looking on mobile, tablet and desktop. I think everything looks pretty cool, really happy with it 😃

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