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We’ve had such a rubbish day today, things not working out and just lots of stressful situations arising. Yet it’s still been a day 100 times better than most people.

We’re back on the daily vlogs but tomorrow there will be no video. It’s because we had an awful day. Lack of sleep, bad customer service and generally things not going the way we’d hoped. I pissed and moaned about it for about 4 and half minutes on camera to make sure we got a video up, but decided the negative vibes just wasn’t us, not our style so got on with others things.

I went on Facebook to check my notifications and came across a post about a local lad I’ve known about for years, Ben Parkinson. Ben was involved in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2006. Ben was blown up.

So as I watched a short video of how Ben was visiting a local school inspiring the next generation with his message to ‘Never Give Up’, I started to reflect on my ‘bad day’.

I didn’t get much sleep, in my bed that’s in my house that I share with my beautiful wife. I was messed around by O2 over a new iPad I was looking to purchase, an iPad! I had to drive for several more hours than expected, drive in my car, a vehicle that transports me to wherever whenever. A couple of emails didn’t plan out the way I’d hoped, emails I checked on my iPhone, the device that literally controls my world, from my hand.

My attention then came back into the room, the room I call an office, filled with toys, tech, gadgets, a PlayStation and the MacBook I was using to watch Ben’s video.

What an absolute prick I felt, feel.

People that know me will know I’m usually massively positive and that’s because I’m usually in touch with my believe in perspective. I don’t know what happened today but it was nowhere to be seen and negativity took over my entire day. No vlog, that would have been filmed on my camera that was still on my tripod from earlier.

Do you see where I’m taking this…

It’s almost like Ben’s video was presented to me on Facebook this evening on purpose. Ben, with all his physical problems and I image after being blown up, mental problems too, is using his story to inspire people. He’s inspired me.

I’ve been in a mood all day and let negativity win because my lack of perspective got the better of me. Even one of my off days has been a better day than most people’s in the world. There are literally billions of people across the planet that would kill to have the day I’ve had. Some days my biggest concern is whether we have enough Instagram followers to collaborate with a brand. It’s absolute madness.

So often I see and hear people discussing this problem, that problem and it’s clear many of us massively lack perspective. I know that there are problems in the world that I can’t control, I know ‘1st world problems’ is a thing, just because we’re privileged doesn’t mean we can’t ever moan. But, maybe next time we are having a moan or feeling stressed out and negative, just try to keep in tune with some perspective.

Thank you Ben, you’re an inspiration to everyone and keep up the good work!

I’m massively thankful for my family, health, my house, car, my job and being able to have the opportunity to choose to live a happy life every single day.

What are you thankful for?

David 🙂


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