The day you long for, the target date, that moment you’re constantly counting down to and then, nope, no baby.

Today is the 28th June 2019. We found out we were pregnant what feels like YEARS AGO, the 29th October 2018. We’ve done the lot, that initial 12 weeks scan, being sick AF, pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, baby names we love and everything else.

Now all there is to do is to wait.

We’ve purposely taken on less and less work in the lead up to this very day and eventually finished it all keeping our calendar clear. It kinda helps being self-employed as we can manage our work load however we want, although typically the opportunities have been flooding in right as we can’t commit to anything. Not to worry, I’m sure it’ll all be waiting for us when we come back.

I mention the work bit because as I’ve just mentioned, quite literally all there is to do now is wait. I’ve neglected the blog for months now and not kept up with my live updates at all. To be fair we’ve kept a log of everything on the YouTube channel but today I just had an urge to get typing.

Donetta said earlier that only 5% of babies are born on their due date, which renders due dates useless really doesn’t it? Also don’t quote us on that, I’ve no idea where she got that figure but I was surprised it was even that high.

40 weeks pregnant

We had our last midwife appointment yesterday and as usual, and luckily, everything is textbook pregnancy. It’s the most happy type of boring ever. Just popping in to all of these appointments over the months to check over and be told everything is fine. We feel so privileged and lucky it is that way.

I’m not exactly sure what this post even is, just had the urge to note down a few things and spend some of this period of waiting around productively.

Donetta has been busy around the house, bits of cleaning and dug up a couple of weeds in the garden. We had a little walk yesterday and we’ve watched a few films. This point of the pregnancy has been strange. We have everything sorted, hospital bags, baby’s room all sorted and the rest of it, we literally just need the baby to make an appearance.

I think the excitement, anticipation and all of the preparation keeps you focussed for most of the pregnancy, there’s always something to do. Right now, 40 weeks and due today, there’s nothing left apart from labour and there’s no way of knowing when it’s going to happen.

It’s like being at a concert, all of the support acts have been on and all you’re waiting for now is the main show, only they’ve not confirmed when they’ll actually be on stage. It could be hours, days or over a week away and we just have to sit and wait.

Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be magic once Donetta gives that nod that it’s starting to happen just like last time, but up until that moment this bit is the most challenging.

Thanks for listening, I’m off to watch some more One Born Every Minute…

David 🙂


PS. This is part of the updates from my perspective, I don’t want you getting your knickers in a twist about how hard this period is for the women etc, I’m fully aware 🙂


david and donetta


going over your due date


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