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I don’t know if other dads have experienced this over the course of pregnancy, but I have had a couple of comments that I want to shut down.

I don’t think the comments in question are always malicious or meant to cause offence, but I want to share my line of thinking on this.

What I’m talking about is when I refer to our pregnancy as ‘WE are pregnant’, ‘OUR pregnancy’ and ‘WE’RE having a baby’, those people that correct me. They correct me by letting me know I’M not having a baby, I’M not pregnant, Donetta is.

Well, how’s about piss off!

Just because biology renders me useless when it comes to the physical side of actually growing a baby inside my body, doesn’t mean I’m not as big a part of this as Donetta.

Before you ladies get your knickers in a twist, I’m not saying at all that the physical side of being pregnant and growing a baby inside of you isn’t the hardest bit, of course it is. What I’m trying to say is that us men, the proper men at least, are in this with you every bit of the way.

It might only involve lightening the load for you mums/mums-to-be with daily tasks, or just generally being supportive throughout those 9 months, but it’s our pregnancy too. I’m talking from my own perspective, that from being in a solid marriage and a long healthy relationship. Of course if your pregnant after a one-night stand or your fella is one of those dicks that runs at the first sight of responsibility, things are different for you.

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I however embrace my responsibility as a husband and a dad, I do my bit for OUR family. It’s OUR family, the child once born will be OUR child and I’ll be fully expected to step up to the plate, so why throughout pregnancy is it not MY pregnancy too?

It is, it’s OUR pregnancy, WE are pregnant and WE’RE having a baby.

I’m going to assume that the women that have felt the need to correct me and let me know it isn’t me that’s pregnant, I’m not the one having a baby, their other halves must not be expected to change nappies and generally help raise the child then? I mean, it’s your baby, you grew it now you deal with it.

That’s an outrageous statement isn’t it.

If you have a partner that wants to fully embrace your pregnancy as a team, you should definitely let them. If you see a dad-to-be wording his pregnancy as I do with words like WE, WE’RE and OUR, don’t be a bellend, feel glad that your fellow woman has a partner to support her.

We’re a team in our house, one in all in!

David and Donetta 🙂


david and donetta

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