Joie Chrome Travel System

One of the biggest decisions to make when having a baby, is which pram/travel system you go for. We’ve gone for the Joie Chrome Travel System.

Choosing a pram/travel system really is more important than you think as your pram will be an essential tool on almost a daily basis. There’s a few things to think about when trying to choose from the MILLIONS of systems available.

OK, there might not be millions but trust me, it feels like it.

There’s a few things to think about when going through the process…

  • Colour and style. It’s not shallow to want a pram that is a certain colour or matches a certain style. You have to be happy with your choice and you’re not going to be happy with something that’s just not you.
  • Practicality. Sure, choose a travel system that matches your style but it still has to be practical for your everyday life. Will it fit in your car, is it easy to put up and down and is the actual experience of pushing it down the road good for you and your baby.
  • Storage. One thing I can’t stress enough is making sure your pram has some form of storage. A basket underneath etc will some days make your life! That’s a bold statement but if you’ve done this baby thing before you’ll get it.
  • Accessories. I’m not just talking matching baby changing bags and rain hoods, but car seats and upgradable seats that grow with your baby.

Once we had refreshed ourselves with what was important to look for, we searched across the internet to find something that ticked all of our boxes. It will go without saying that price is also a major thing to think about, you need to tick as many boxes as possible if not all of them, within your budget.

The Joie Chrome Travel System ticked ALL of the boxes for us. It looks nice, we love the grey colour, it’s extremely practical, has storage, the accessories are plentiful AND the price was unbelievable!

We’ve filmed a video reviewing the Joie Chrome Travel System so you can see for yourself…

Here’s our breakdown of the Joie Chrome Travel System.

  • Colour and style

We love the grey colour and the entire style of the Joie Chrome Travel System. Even when you swap the main carry cot for the car seat (that also slots straight in place) you get an all-black look which again is a style we love.

  • Practicality

The Joie Chrome Travel System is EXTREMELY practical. A push of the button and it’s up, another push of a button and it’s down. It folds well, so won’t take up too much space in your car. Even swapping the different sections, carry cot to car seat etc it so easy, click out and click in.

  • Storage

There is a basket underneath that’s big enough to store a few bits and pieces or bags that you may need out and about with you. The big handle bar makes it easy to hang/clip your baby change bag to too.

  • Accessories

Probably my favourite part about the Joie Chrome Travel System is these ease of using the available added accessories. Swapping the carry cot part is just a clip and it’s out, as equally easy as then clipping the bigger seat or car seat in. The car seat being able to clip on and off of the pram and in and out of the car will be an absolute life saver, it’s so easy.


Joie Chrome Travel System

We managed to get our Joie Chrome Travel System with the main carry cot, reversible pushchair seat and car seat, from Smyths for less than £300! I’ll not include any links as we can’t be sure it’s still available and we managed to get a really good deal with it being the last of stock in our own particular Smyths store.

It’s definitely worth looking around online and then going into stores to have a play around with different systems. It’s also worth discussing prices if you’re on a budget, look at display systems for discounts etc.

We 100% recommend the Joie Chrome Travel System and the other Joie products also look really good.

Let us know what other products you can recommend so we can all make better informed decisions when forking out money on all this baby stuff!

Thanks for reading,

David and Donetta


david and donetta




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