Corben with The Hangrees

Dear David and Donetta, would Corben like some slime making parody characters that make slime poo come out of their bums? Hell yeah he would!

[AD – This is a collaboration with The Hangrees]

OK, so that’s not the exact wording of the email but it’s how we read it out to Corben. He was of course immediately sold. Anything slime or poo he’s definitely in. Then add the hilarious parody names in such as Chew-Kaka and Splatter-Man and even I’m sold!

What are The Hangrees?

The Hangrees are outrageous collectable parody figures, that mix together parody snacks to create slime poo. You can read that last sentence several times if you’d like, we’re going to have to show you aren’t we…

Here’s Corben’s video telling you all about The Hangrees.

Our thoughts

We love The Hangrees! They’re hilarious names make for a good laugh, they look cool and as well as being easy to use, they’re also so much fun.

After you’ve had the fun of squirting slime poo from their backsides, the actual figures do look great so will definitely be another collection we look to complete.

There are characters such as Chew-Kaka, Harry Plopper, Fartnite and Mutant Turds, that come with parody snacks such as KFSea, Booger King and KitSplat. It’s just funny isn’t it.

Check out The Hangrees and find out ‘Where To Buy‘.

Corben holding up his The Hangrees

This whole review is all about the video above, give it a watch!

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