Wicked Uncle David and Donetta

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Having a very active 6-year-old who loves to play, we’re always on the lookout for amazing toys. Wicked Uncle provides just that!

We had so much fun last year playing with several outdoor toys we ordered from Wicked Uncle. This year we placed another order but this time went with some different types of toys. That’s a huge plus when it comes to Wicked Uncle, they have so many different types of toys to choose from there’s something for everyone.

We’ve gone with some Spy X – Night Mission Goggles and they’re awesome! You’d imagine that we’ve gotten all creative and embarked on some magical mission in which night vision goggles were required. In actual fact, we waited for it to get dark and tried to go upstairs to the toilet in the pitch-black wearing the goggles instead of using the lights. Don’t judge, we had fun and more importantly, they worked!

Wicked Uncle David and Donetta

Wicked Uncle doesn’t just have toys and gadgets for the kids, there are also several family games too so you can all join in the fun. We’ve been playing ‘What’s In The Box?‘ Now, in this game you can get extremely creative. One player hides something in the box and the others have to guess what it is. I’ll leave it to your creative imaginations as to the wonders we’ve had in the box!

On the Wicked Uncle website, they make it easy for you to navigate the thousands of toys and gifts by using different categories and age-related filters. As I write this, we’re particularly interested in the Spooky & Spells category, ready for Halloween.

The age filtered categories are fairly obvious, use the one that fits your child. Or, have a click on the Age 15-105 section and treat yourself to something fun too. One of the top sellers is a Voice Recording Mug, I want one!

There’s so much to choose from that you’ll definitely find something for whoever the recipient is.

What's In The Box Wicked Uncle David and Donetta

Even more

At checkout you can even choose to have your toys, gadgets or whatever else you’ve ordered gift-wrapped. On top of that, you can also have a card included with a personalised message for the recipient. Something for everyone, gift-wrapped and with a personalised message, Wicked Uncle have you covered.

To make choosing the perfect toy/gift even easier, Wicked Uncle also regularly update their blog section too. Articles like Best Outdoor STEM Toys In 2019 are full of helpful ideas.

Finally, did you know Wicked Uncle also has a USA website? CLICK HERE to find out more!

We really enjoyed the whole process of using Wicked Uncle, from choosing our gifts to having them wrapped and personalising a message. Such a great service and one we can recommend.

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