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There are so many benefits to vlogging around your business and when building a personal brand and I want to help you get started.

I’m back again with another blog post based around my Vlog Style Video Workshop. I had an idea that every business should be creating vlog style videos around their brand, a couple of text messages later and I was creating a full-on workshop to deliver to 10 businesses in my area. Read more about that HERE > David’s New Business | Vlog Style Video Consultancy.

Back to this post and I want to give you 8 nudges towards pushing you to start creating vlog style video for your business.

Just Start!

It’s the easiest thing to say but sometimes the hardest thing to do. I’ve been there before, wanting to start something but feeling like I don’t have the knowledge or equipment to get going. If you’ve read a previous post in this vlog style video section of the blog ‘What You Need To Start Vlogging For Your Business‘ then you’ll already know you have the equipment, a smartphone is literally all you need to begin.

When it comes to the knowledge, that’s something you can build on over time just like anything else. Everything we do has to be learnt and creating videos to brand and promote our business is no different. Just an added point on this, one day you didn’t have the business or job you’re in now but you just started.

Start Small And Build Your Confidence

Video isn’t as easy as posting a photo on Instagram or updating your status on Facebook. I mean, it kinda is in theory but the courage it can take for most people to create the video is the tricky part.

I’d always suggest starting on Instagram, you’re likely to have an account already so can practice there if you need to. Instagram Stories are very short little clips 0-15 seconds and you can build up your clips to create a bigger ‘story’ for people to watch. You can leave the clips to overrun into the next clip if you’re discussing something in more length, but remember we’re talking about starting small to build up your confidence.

You can have the camera facing away from yourself and don’t even need to talk, you can use the ‘TEXT’ features available and even ‘GIFs’ and ‘MUSIC’ to bring your video clips to life. You can maybe introduce speaking over the video later on. The same with turning the camera onto yourself to start engaging directly down the camera lens with your audience, you can build up to that using Instagram Stories.

As an added note, you can set your Instagram Stories to automatically post to your Facebook Stories too, so 2 platforms 1 video, easy!


tips to help you start vlogging


Utilise Free Software

There are so many free apps, programs, software and resources out there there’s simply no excuses to not get started. If you have an iPhone then you have iMovie which is a free editing program. You can use Canva for all of your graphic design work such as YouTube Thumbnails and social media posts to promote your business, brand and content. Canva makes graphic design really easy, even if you’re a beginner.

There’s just a couple of resources but there are literally hundreds out there. I will create some content listing as many of these free resources as I can soon!

Be Real

It should go without saying but, I see so many people feeling like they have to create some sort of online persona when posting to social media. You don’t, and please don’t. Especially as a business, you want authenticity to be a priority because the first time you get found out online, that spreads much quicker in today’s world than any positive reviews you may have had.

Your goal is to give your business a personality, your personality or several personalities of your staff members creating a genuine, authentic environment to build your online community around. Customers and potential customers need to trust you and your brand.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the most important attribute to master when posting content online. Think of all of the content there is to choose from online, if you aren’t consistent then you’re so easily forgotten in today’s fast-paced world.

It’s like opening up your shop every day, you have to consistently open up your doors for your customers. If you decide to just open and close whenever you want and have weeks off here and there, nobody will want to shop with you because they don’t know what’s going on.

It’s the same thing with online content. Decide what’s realistic for you and try to stick to a level of consistency. It could be that you create a ‘Day In The Shop’ video once a week where you vlog your day at work. Post the video every Wednesday and before you know it your customers/community will be looking forward to Wednesday’s video to see what’s been happening behind the scenes that week.

Whatever your frequency just be consistent. Obviously the more content the better as every piece of content is an advert for your business and has the potential to reach a new customer.


vlog style video

Document or Create

Documenting: Filming video around what you’re doing.

Create: Doing something specifically for the video.

It’s worth thinking about whether your video style will be more along the lines of documenting than creating, or vice-versa. Documenting is literally that, document what you’re already doing day to day in and around your business. You don’t have to be doing anything creative or setting things up specifically for your video, it’s simply getting on with your day and giving your audience a window into it.

Creating is more along the lines of setting up more interesting things to do specifically for the video. You might want to get really creative and think of video ideas that relate to your business that wouldn’t necessarily be things you’d do day to day. You might want to have a weekly Q & A where customers and viewers can ask you questions around your business, or get out and about to collaborate with other local businesses and capture the whole thing on camera.

Either option is fine, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with.


Collaborating with others is one of the most under-utilised methods to growing a business and/or online audience, yet is one of the most impactful! Collaborating with others literally hands you a new ready-made audience on a plate. If you have a following online and another brand has a following, collaborating will open you both up to the other brand’s audience.

You don’t have to be in the same niche or industry because your customers aren’t only into buying shoes, they like cake too!

Find ways to build friendships with other businesses and discuss collaborative ideas that will benefit you both and your customers.

Be Patient

You didn’t open your business on Monday and by Tuesday it had you set for life. Building an online audience and ultimately a customer base through vlog style video can take time. Being patient is absolutely key to becoming successful. It won’t happen overnight and you need time to build up your confidence, skills and style.

Be patient and enjoy the process of putting yourself and your business out there through video format.


There are my 8 Tips To Get You Started With Vlog Style Video. I hope they’re helpful and have given you plenty to think about as well as the push you may need to tap record and get documenting your business adventure.

If you have any questions or requests on what other content I can create to help, please leave a comment below and/or DM me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else you see David and Donetta.

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